• UNIVERSITY VALUES: Renter acknowledges that Niagara University is a Catholic, Vincentian institution with an obligation to ensure an environment free of discrimination on the basis of religion, national origin, gender, race, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status, predisposing genetic characteristic, domestic violence victim status, or any other category protected by law. Renter therefore agrees to uphold these values while on the campus and while conducting business with Niagara University. 
  • CAMPUS SAFETY: Renter shall at all times abide by the requests of campus officials and Campus Safety officers. In the event of an on-campus emergency, Renter will report any security concerns, injuries, accidents or incidents IMMEDIATELY to Campus Safety at (716) 286-8111.  In case of immediate emergency, please call 911.
  • MAXIMUM GUESTS: Renter shall provide accurate information regarding maximum estimated attendance, and shall ensure all fire and building code regulations, including room capacity, are complied with. Renter may not host any visitors not associated with Renter’s group.
  • SMOKE FREE: Renter shall abide by the “smoke free” campus policy that applies to all Niagara University premises and vehicles, except in designated smoking areas.
  • REMOVAL: Niagara University may remove any individual from campus if, in its sole opinion, such individual is injurious or potentially injurious to the University or the University community.
  • ADA: Niagara University complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but if Renter has any specific needs, then Renter should inform the University in advance, if possible.


  • Renter is responsible for enforcing the Rules and Policies of the Arena and for the behavior of those at the Arena who attend Renter’s event.
  • One (1) hour of Ice rental constitutes fifty (50) minutes actual Ice time.  The remaining ten (10) minutes is for Ice preparation.  When the Ice surface is to be conditioned by the Niagara University staff, all players/coaches/referees will immediately leave the Ice surface and remain off the Ice until the Ice machine has left the Ice surface. 
  • Niagara University will not be responsible for any lost or stolen goods or money, whether from a locker room or elsewhere.
  • Teams, groups, and/or individual participants or spectators shall be responsible for all damages caused to the building, grounds, chattels and equipment belonging to the Niagara University, reasonable wear, tear and action of sport considered. The said damages are to be repaired or paid for to the full satisfaction of the Niagara University at Renter’s expense.
  • Renter shall be responsible for maintaining necessary insurance coverages and indemnify and hold Niagara University harmless from all expenses, costs and liabilities in connection with any claim which may be presented or asserted against it except those which may arise through the sole negligence of the University or its employees.  
  • Food and beverage may not be brought into Dwyer Arena without prior approval of Arena management.  Niagara University shall reserve the exclusive right to the sale of all food and beverage concessions within Dwyer Arena. 
  • The sale of or the solicitation of any tickets, goods or commodities of any nature whether charitable or otherwise, shall not be permitted within the Niagara University unless approval is obtained from the Niagara University.
  • All current rules, regulations and policies of Niagara University are to be adhered to unless agreed upon beforehand by Niagara University. 


  • Locker Rooms must be vacated within 35 minutes of leaving the Ice.  Renter ensures that the locker rooms shall be left in a reasonably tidy condition.  Minor teams must have adult supervision in the locker rooms for both practice and games.  Any offense, or suspected offense, committed by anyone against a minor must be reported to Campus Safety immediately.
  • It is the team/group’s responsibility to lock all locker room doors before going on the Ice. Should a lock prove defective or unable to be locked, the representative shall notify Arena management immediately.


Thank you,
Niagara University