Dwyer Arena

Birthday Parties

Interested in booking a birthday party?

You've come to the right place! At Dwyer Arena we offer a few different options to make that special day a bit more special! Whether you choose to have the party during our public skating sessions, or rent the ice for a private session, we make your child feel like a star!

Party Package 1

What's Included

Option 2

  • $12.00 per child for parties during public skate plus the cost of souvenir
  • $8.00 per child for private parties plus the cost of souvenir

What's Included

  • 2 slices of pizza/child
  • Bowls of popcorn
  • Pitchers of pop
  • All paper products
  • Admission to public skate(if applicable)
  • NU Hockey puck - $4.00
  • NU Water Bottle - $3.00
  • NU Mini hockey stick - $5.00

Additional Information

  • 8 children minimum 
  • Extra Pizza is available for $25/tray ($2 for toppings)
  • 50 Chicken Wings for $25.00
  • 1/2 Pan of lettuce and tomato salad with dressing for $20.00
  • Requests for other items will be entertained, however not guaranteed 
*Reminder, Dwyer Arena is a NON ALCOHOLIC facility*

To book a birthday party or for answers to any questions please contact  (716)286-8782